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xxx777 - interesting question

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The BAU is about to get a new expert to help them on their cases, a man who made it his mission to hunt monsters and put them in the ground. Will include the two spin-off series of the original.

See inside for details. Keys to the Kingdom by scarface reviews Summary to be added At a later date. Please Read and Review. Dawn of the Gamer Remastered Edition by Legend of the Kyuubi reviews At a young age, Naruto grew up with little to no friends and because of this, he developed a love of video games.

One day he somehow woke up with the ability to view life as a video game. Naruto had no idea what to make of it, but quickly learned of its perks and decided to roll with it.

The Gamer has arrived. After being killed by Sasuke, a strange old man offers him a deal: Neither of them knew that this was just the beginning of something they both desperately needed.

Rated T for now, will maybe change to M later. This story is on hold for now but I may randomly make new chapters. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Son of the demoness by Blazeraptor54 reviews Born with the soul of an ancient hero to a demoness, taken away after a chance encounter, a hero reborn must now find his way in the world.

A gentle hand may guide him, but inside of him, a demonic power rages within. Will he stand against her and protect those he grew to love, or will darkness win?

Then one night, a meteor containing a certain gemstone changes his life forever. Armed with new powers and a powerful lineage, its time for this star gazer to become a Stargod!

At the whim of a King, the world will tremble forevermore. Includes many Servants and all sorts of shenanigans! To all flamers, Zero fuqs given.

Bashing of some Characters. What if when Naruto was learning the Rasengan, a slightly different bet was made?

How would this change the future of Naruto? Fate is a fickle thing. Naruto Naruto x Tayuya x Anko. Akame ga Shinobi by D-nasty reviews Sacrificing himself to seal Kaguya Naruto and the Tailed Beasts finds themselves in a different dimension corrupted by chaos, hatred, pain, and death.

Being who he is Naruto makes his duty to do something about it. Using his powers and weapons of this world our favorite ninja will forge his way into this corrupted world to bring finally peace.

Naruto Master of Kunoichi by DealtShadow35 reviews n this Naruto world the strong Shinobi are allowed to have Kunoichi slaves but Naruto is in a house with a lot of sexy Kunoichi and He might take them for himself he just has to deal with assholes, Lemon, Harem, Slaves.

Testament Of A Hero by dmcdante-rocks reviews As a big brother. My little sisters look up to me. No matter what I will keep my demonic little sisters safe.

Naru x large Harem. I have the permission of the writer. This will be Fairy Tail Characters reading. That lead to the Beast of the Apocalypse escaping.

He attempted to force himself into the Dimensional Gap to unseal himself, but accidentally used too much power, and sent himself to the Elemental Nations, where he gets caught up in the shenanigans of being a ninja.

Iron Shinobi by Kairomaru reviews Uzumaki Naruto has a rather unique heritage; the blood of a clan that cares only for battle runs in his veins and their bloodline is meant for combat.

Naruto rises through the ranks to become known as the Iron Shinobi. Flames are his to control and fire bends to his will.

Raised by his grandfather to use their bloodline, how strong will Naruto become? Come see the rise of the Forest of Flames. Naruto NarutoxHarem Naruto - Rated: What if he focused his energy into studying a type of jutsu rarely used in the shinobi world.

What if he had a kekkei genkai that made said jutsu stronger than ever? Light and Shadow by Garrek reviews Full summary Inside. The Fourth Ninja War is over.

Heartbroken from tragedy, Naruto finds himself selected to be a Green Lantern. With Kurama as his guide, Naruto embarks on his newest adventure. One bigger then he could ever imagine.

M for Violence, Language, possible suggestive themes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. This is a harem story. Inspired as a child by Roger, Itachi makes a different choice that results in an early friendship between Naruto and Sasuke.

Years later, the boys take an unsanctioned mission to chase Akatsuki out into the ocean on the only ship available. Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru - Rated: Naruto teams up with Akame and the two bond together and grow closer along the way.

There will nothing but Smut and Plenty of Plot. Warning for large amounts of Cum, Loli, Hung shota Naruto, Tentacles, whatever else we think of in the future.

The Weapon Master by hussbek reviews When looking the forbidden scroll after learning the shadow clone technique, Naruto comes into possession of a bracelet which gives him the ability to wield the weapons and gears of legendary heroes.

I am a kickass Dark Lord and not a stupid shinobi. Naruto is about to hit the Pokemon world with the force of a Maelstrom!

See him becoming the strongest. Bonds Between Sekirei and Shinobi by AnimeNerdYuki reviews On the way back to Konoha our hyper active knuckle headed ninja life is flipped upside-down from an encounter with a rather well endowed girl.

How will Naruto handle his newest set of challenges in his life. Doomsday by scarface reviews Raised as the son of the infamous villain Dr.

Doom, Naruto is raised as the Prince of Latveria with unexpected outcomes and consequences. Possible fourth wall Breaks.

Not for the overly sensitive or salty. You have been warned. Minato might have put the safety and security of the Village above that of his family, but what if Kushina Uzumaki did not?

Where will this new path take Naruto and how will they shape the events to come? Narutos and pokegirls by Druski reviews What if naruto was thrown into the pokegirl world.

Reading Curiosity Broke the Scissors by Anonymous Ideas reviews Star Butterfly is a wild-child of a princess, known and infamous for causing chaos with her shenanigans.

But what if, she and her friends were given the chance to glimpse into another reality? One where her curiosity led to her being flung to completely new world, home to a certain knuckle headed ninja.

Lets find out shall we? Naruto The Family Man by Mumei Mu reviews Naruto have returned from his five-year training trip with Jiraiya and everyone, even his parents and twin, are glad to see him again Until he suddenly surprise them with his own big unique family!

At least he can become the hokage faster and get a family that he always want, thank to this game abilities. You get one Naruto with crazy marriage contract for peace!

How will Naruto deal with his sudden large harem, containing of many kunoichi and one princess? And why are everyone older than him!

At least one is around his age and pretty cute My Ninja Adventure by Mumei Mu reviews A mysterious mutated genetic trait, known as quirk, come into existence over fifty years ago and at first it was extremely rare to receive one until the Surge occurred, where over hundreds children possess the quirk at their birth and Naruto is one of them.

Now watch on as Naruto grow up from one of children of two famed nins to one of greatest ninjas beside his fellow quirkers!

The Carrier of Nine by BetaMayhem reviews Naruto Uzumaki has emerged victorious in his latest scuffle with the powers of that be Things are never so simple as this What new calamity will make its presence known?

Can he manage it? Can he succeed in a world of meddling Gods, with only the Bijuu as his allies? After being told he died too early he is to be reincarnated in a new world.

He will also be granted one wish. But after using his wish to get more wishes, Naruto becomes probably the most powerful being there ever lived.

How will this new world handle such power? What should he do about this? Elements of Romance Games included in later chapters, so possible upgrade to M later.

Now has a TVTropes page! Father of Pokemon by The Creator95 reviews For thousands of years, Naruto enjoyed the life of an immortal father, husband, and legend alongside the love of his life.

Becoming Hokage is a simple task, but he wants more. To bring peace to his world after so long. Original Version of Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer by Legend of the Kyuubi reviews At a young age Naruto grew up with little to no friends.

Because of this he grew up with a love of video games. One day somehow he woke up with the ability to view life as a video game.

Naruto has no idea what to make of this, but decided to make the most of it. Old Version Naruto - Rated: One man can answer and for him it is no.

He has lived an eternal life fueled by his Darkness and has seen all he ever cared about be destroyed. Now, he rises again to rejoin the fight and regain all that he lost to Kami.

His name is Naruto and he is the master of Darkness. There he will inevitably form bonds, face many hardships, and possibly find love.

Will he find a way home, or even want to return? One thing is for sure. Fairy Tail will never be the same again! New face of Death by jangoman reviews After Kakashi denied to give Naruto training for the finals he stormed out of the hospital extremely upset til he bumped into an old friend of his who revealed some things about his Uzumaki heritage and a shrine.

Finding the shrine Naruto entered it to see if there was anything to help him get stronger, only ending up finding a mask and the spirit left with it.

Ten Digi-girls from three different timelines are mysteriously sent to the Narutoverse. What will happen when they meet a certain Kyuubi jinchuriki?

A shame that he got sealed into a boy along with a nine tailed fox and all his power is being transferred to the boy. Oh well, guess he has to teach him how to be a god!

Rated M for Mature. He is saved by the Fox Summons, taken in as family and trained. How does this change ripple throughout his story?

Now a pink haired alien has declared she will marry him and her sister is trying to create him a harem as her father sends assassins after him.

People with crazy powers? Shady group of villains with some unknown goal? No one thought to show him the light until he found it on his own.

Born in darkness, raised in shadow for all his life, will this blade rebel, turn on the empire he swore to protect, or will he remain loyal?

Only time will tell. He then falls on his face on a root and hits some lose ground, falling into a cave. Little does Naruto know, it belongs to the Red Hood, long since abandoned and forgotten.

Naruto brings it back to life and with a little inspiration from a A. This is mostly just for shits and giggles. T - English - Humor - Chapters: Naruto of the Dragon Blood by Soulful Ginger reviews Naruto awakens the blood that has lain dormant in his veins since he was born.

Naruto will be a God brought to Konoha and grossly overpowered. Heroes want him villains fear him, and Bats always brooding near him!

Rewrite Version by DealtShadow35 reviews Having had enough of the hatred Naruto becomes what they fear and is going on a killing spree of the evil and corupt and finding mate weither they are married or not.

Naruto has had enough. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Or in my case, living. My reality was broken. So, I decided to fix it.

To make a new one. It was supposed to be a game. I never expected it to become my new reality. I want to protect it. This world is MINE!

All three of them are best friends who go to school, enjoy their social lives and save the world as Team Possible. Either when facing a super villain out taking over the world or trying to deal the hardships of High School, these three always have each others back.

And last, but certainly not least A crossover between Naruto and Underworld. Starts at the beginning of the first Underworld movie. The Fox, the Cat and the Panda by Toshima reviews At the age of 5, Naruto meets another member of the Uzumaki clan who trains him in the arts of his clan.

As he strives to complete his dreams, he meets new allies and enemies along the way who will help shape his future.

How would this change the events in the Narutoverse? This is the story of the adventures of a half-demon Naruto. MA for mature content including incest and possibly bestiality in later chapters.

Along the way, he will face challenges, explore relationships, and answer a call to action. Rate and Review please, no flames. Add this is reading communities.

Subscribe to me at www. Naruto shall have to rise above the odds Naruto x Large Harem. Come along for a ride in this grand adventure If one were to consult a scholar, he would tell you that the greatest power in the world belongs to the World Nobles.

But what good is that power when its wasted by fools like them? We could do so much good with this power What if he inherited the throne of the Soul King?

The New Republic" by pain17ification. Ozpin that he had received from a stranger years ago. With their names having been mentioned within the book, it naturally captures their interest and they agree to read the story of war veteran Naruto Uzumaki and his tales in Remnant.

As they read, what will they think of him and his choices? The Boy and His Fox by gottahavekyuubi reviews While they say not all who wander are lost, some always get the shittiest hand in life.

Found at the wrong place, at the wrong time; a series of events unfold that go from bad to worse. Ahri finds herself mistaken for another and ends up sealed in our favorite blond.

Rise of the Dragon Empire: Naruto the Conqueror by DealtShadow35 reviews With civilians false trail they have awakened something far more dangerous than a rampaging Bijuu.

Family Love by fanfic meister reviews AU. Naruto loses his father to terminal illness. In his last wish, Naruto goes to live with his stepmother and sisters.

Naruto will now have an interesting relationship with his beautiful mother and sisters. Will she find happiness in this new world or will her mind bring her downfall?

Last Airbender - Rated: The Humming Surgeon of Konohagakure by yurei king reviews A random discovery leads to Naruto gaining terrifying power, a new set of particular skills and various new allies.

Join our lovable knucklehead on his journey to fame, infamy, action and a dash of comedy all while keeping track of a classy straw hat and humming our favorite pirate tune.

Certainly not Naruto Uzumaki! Semi-crack fic with serious moments, harem, Zeltrech trolling Naruto, servant shenanigans, and large amounts of property damage.

Note removed and poll over! Will feature a few crossover girls. If you take this story literally and get butt hurt about it well, sucks to be you.

Will he let the past effect him and hate his guild? Or will he rise up and fight for those that have wronged him in the first place and those he still loves?

Strong Team Natsu and others! Master of Shadows by NeonZangetsu reviews He never had the life he deserved. He grew up, unloved, alone, forced to resort to crime to survive.

He never knew what it meant to have a home. However, the day he found that ship, that fruit, everything changed. NarutoxHarem, with a new twist!

Naruto Naruto - Rated: Thoug that was summarily shattered by the arrival of a certain nine-tailed child and a book detailing his interactions with them.

Requested and given permission by Curious Kitsune Uzumaki Discordia by Zero Arashi Uchiha reviews Killed at the hands of Celestine Lucross, Origa Discordia has been given another chance to live in the world of Naruto by looking after our favorite sunspot and will someday marry him.

Eventual Naruto x Origa Trained by the best the dead have to offer, Naruto returns to life as an agent of Death himself, sent to preserve the uneasy truce between Heaven, Hell, and Earth at any cost.

Will he be up to the task? Or will mankind be destroyed by the forces of darkness? Gore and violence later on! Naruto Uzumaki the next master of the Satsui no Hado by naruto4life reviews during the battle in the wave and close to death.

Naruto Uzumaki awaken something deep inside him, with this new found power, can Naruto control it or let it consume him, follow the story of Naruto Uzumaki the next master of the Satsui no Hado.

Surebu Jutsu by LiquidPhazon reviews After the battle with Pain, Naruto finds a forbidden jutsu that changes his life, and the lives of every Kunoichi his sets his sites on, turning them to his loving slaves.

And a very special thanks to Lichlord08 for all their help. On Hiatus for the time being. Son of the Queens by Roman trooper reviews What if Percy had a little brother?

What if that said brother was the shared son of the Queen goddess? Join Percy and Naruto as they take on the world of the myths as brothers-in-arms.

Rewrite and revised story. Naruto is saved from a mob by Joe Hayabusa who recognizes the red dragon symbol on the boy and takes him away from Konoha and back to the Hayabusa Village where he and Ryu prepare take on the evil that threatens their world.

Extra Summary Inside in Ch. Of Gods and Swords by demonzone reviews Pegasus had always wanted an heir, but with his wife gone he though he could never have that, until one day he finds our favorite blonde deaged in his garden.

How will the dueling world fair against the power of the samurai empowered by the gods. Join the Shinobi on his quest to figure out his new found abilities.

He will make friends along the way as well as gain a love interest or two. Extra-Terrestrial Jinchuuriki Mother by Lu Bane Na reviews An alien queen has lived for millions of years, guiding her people through peace and war, but never has she had a child to call her own.

So when visiting a certain planet and chancing upon a dying Kushina, how does she handle suddenly becoming the adoptive mother of an Uzumaki Kyuubi Jinchuuriki?

The Fox Huntsman by D-nasty reviews Given the chance at new life by Kami, Naruto finds himself in the world of Remnant full of Huntsmen and Huntresses with their mortal enemies the Grimm and evil forces.

Watch as Naruto takes this new world by storm. A king by DRAGONfromheaven reviews He never foresaw himself working with the republic, but here he was fighting a war that he obviously knew he was going to win, racking up scores and women!

Semi-Dark Naruto, Average Harem! He opens it freeing all of the Pokegirls. Now what will the ninja world be like with Pokegirls everywhere.

Son of the Suns by Lupin Dark reviews Cast out of Olympus with his powers bound, Apollo learned the life of humans in the Elemental Nations and found love and a family.

When he was forced away, he vowed to return, but when he did, he was horrified at the treatment of his son. The wrath of the sun is not to be trifled with and Naruto is born of two Suns The Best of Both Worlds by Dark.

Years later, Kurosaki Ichigo showed signs of having the Kyuubi! Naruto and the kunoichi by Naruto reviews In this story every kunoichi wants naruto.

Obviously there will be a lot of lemon in this story Naruto - Rated: Both refusing to back down. But what happens when a child is born that was destined to usher in a new era.

Where monster and human can coexist with one another in peace? Many will seek to try and attain such a child and use the child to their own gain.

Rated M for mature content. Naruto Demigod Youkai by 3headed-dragon reviews Styx is the Goddess of Oaths and Naruto is the ninja that never breaks a promise, is it really a surprise that she would like him.

How will the Nations handle Naruto now that he has some serious backing. A Fox and His Wagtails by pain17ification reviews Frustrated with recent events, Naruto takes a moment to speak with the Kyuubi, who in turn tells him much needed wisdom.

Heeding the advice, Naruto decides to take his first serious steps to becoming a ninja. With the will of his parents, the art of his ancestors, and otherworldly Birds, this Fox will go the distance and bring back the Uzumaki name!

Enter the Slayer by SlayerOfSuperman reviews Sent away from his world by a botched kidnap attempt, Naruto is taken in by a certain elderly man that introduces him to the world of magic.

The enemies of Konoha better lock their doors. A new monster has appeared. One with the abilities of two iconic supernatural serial killers.

How will this change the story? Read to find out! Rated T for now, might change later. Slight crossover with other shows. Up for adoption, sadly.

If anyone is willing, then please take and do this story justice. No need to ask, just take. Sage of the Night by dragonupghost reviews One thousand years ago, when the Gargoyles fell into their long slumber, there was one man who was never mentioned before.

One man who had proven to be as trustworthy as a member of their own clan. Most called him Sage, few called him friend, and Goliath called him brother.

Watch as this man changes a story carved into the very stone itself. Could you expect anything less, ttebayo? But what happens when our favorite blonde Uzumaki runs deep into the forests of death waking up the snake lady from her long slumber Naruto - Rated: Said to be an island inhabited by Faunus, of every kind.

Ruled by monarchy, with fierce warriors wielding weapons crafted from a special mineral only they discovered, hiding it away from the rest of Remnant.

Of course, it is just a myth, a fairy tale among fairy tales, legends among legends. However, in a world like Remnant, some legends do exist.

Will he remember who he really is and find a way to return, or get succumbed to the pleasure of his new life and stay at this new world forever?

Total Drama Preview by blackheart reviews Chris has a major surprise for the season one cast as they come to an invite to see a preview of a different Total Drama Series.

Find out in Total Drama Preview! The Legacy of the Greatest Swordsman by TheSmilingMask reviews In the past, when the chakra did not exist and the men fought with different weapons and powers, a man in particular was feared for his strength.

Now, that famous title has been lost in time but the spirit of Mihawk has finally found a worthy heir, a young boy named Uzumaki Naruto.

Banished by doing his job, he crossed beyond the veil for a new life. This is my first fanfiction. The Shinto God Of War by SonSanbi23 reviews After completing the path he set out for himself, Kratos is given a second chance at life with new possibilities and a new path he will not walk down alone.

Will his new life be the same as before? Or will it be different for the new Shinto God Of War. Doing what he thinks is right, and following his gut Hogyoku sends Shinso to the most unlikely person.

Now he has a harem of beautiful monsters. How will Naruto deal with being a hero of monsters and starting his life as a shinobi of Konoha?

Due to part of the source material, this is rated M for lemons. Beyond the Afterlife by spartaleox reviews In midfight with his former disciple, Hiruzen Sarutobi snaps as Orochimaru draw the last straw and desacrates the last memory of two parents, but what happens when the cycle of reincarnation decides to throw a wrench.

He survived through his crown and fell into the Elemental Countries before being found by the Shodaime Hokage only to be sealed away out of fear.

Many years later, Naruto finds the crown in the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing, and put its on So, when spending a night alone in the buzzing streets of New York city, she came across one very particular mystery, weirder than even some of the things she had seen.

That was the night the Wise Girl met the Skull Head. Reading Son of the Huntress by Scheffelman reviews See inside for summary.

Jaune hoped that confidence would transfer to fighting Grimm. Drifting by AlphaDelta reviews Naruto is many things; troublesome, wild, unpredictable, adventurous, untamable, unique.

NarutoHarem Naruto - Rated: Everything in the book is just common sense: Four years later, a Kage-level shinobi becomes a genin Asked me to redo it.

Now with the powers of hellfire at his disposal, he must defend his realm from threats from that are beyond his wildest dreams.

It look like the Akatsuki are the least of his problems now Imperfection by NeonZangetsu reviews Dr. Gero has finally finished the work on his latest android.

Stronger than Super More powerful than the mighty Cell himself! Unfortunately for the good doctor, said android happens to be the vessel of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

To be used when need be. I left before I lost my freedom. After an accident, I was found by someone who took me in and gave me the freedom I wanted within my life.

Joining a school where I was trained to fight Monsters. Reading NPU by shadow gods of the fallen reviews Adopted story from book lover reader.

After the war the fates have the Olympians and the demigods read about alternate dimensions. They will be reading with given permission by Uzumaki Crossover the Naruto Prince of the Underworld series and how one person can change things.

Pairing Still the Same. Who knows, but this adventure is starting NOW! Counting Stars by NeonZangetsu reviews There are some boundaries that should never be crossed.

Some things best left leashed. Forced to choose between certain death or the slim possibility of success, a lone shinobi catapaults himself to a distant era Invincible by An Author With Trashy Grammar reviews Refusing to let his suffer at the hands of his beloved Village, Minato Namikaze made a decision that will change the fate the World that has been terrorize by the Beast of Evil.

With an overly protective and possessive mother and a Giant Dragon who finds his trouble amusing, how will one Naruto Pendragon fare? Especially with a Horny Dragon after his ass?

Where will his new path take him, and how many strings will he pull or threads will he trip over along the way? Bound Together by scarface reviews What if Korra had someone loyal and steadfast to support her as the Avatar?

Someone she could trust without reservation? What if she were stronger, wiser, more experienced and sure of herself? Naruto x Korra x small harem.

True Heart by Dylan Millwood reviews I asked gazz uzumaki and he gave me permission to adopt this. Locust Heir by OmegaDelta reviews Naruto was left to rot by the left, founded by the Locust and Queen Myrrah, he will rise to greatness and will shake the elemental nations to its core.

Left hand of the Shinigami V2 by scarface reviews Hello dearies! My name is Four! You know me better as the Shinigami though. Care to read this little fic and see what happens when I recruit little Naruto-kun to do some reaping for me?

I have lots of cookies for good little readers and reviewers. And somewhat OP Naruto. How will Naruto react to finding out his mother and her friends have been kinky?

NarutoxKushinaxHarem Naruto - Rated: The Leafs Brotherhood by Violet-Archer33 reviews Naruto and his team take a mission to eliminate a group of bandits, when something goes wrong and Naruto is left behind and presumed dead.

He is then found by a stranger who takes him in and teaches him a new creed he can live by. Here is your chance to find out.

Kishimoto and Canon lovers, fuq off. God of Ramen by NeonZangetsu reviews Before creation, there must come destruction.

I always believed in God, ya know? But no one told me he dressed like a clown and liked to eat noodles! This is the story of how a boy grew into a man, and how a man became a God Primordial in a World of Gods by BookishTen8 reviews After saving the world from power hungry gods, Naruto seals himself away to stop further wars from destroying the world.

However, after waking up a thousands years later, he sees his sacrifice has been for nothing. Villains cause death and mayhem all across the world while the heroes do nothing but lock them up just for them to escape again.

As Naruto grows he gains a family by that gift. A family of Shinigami. The Prince of Storms by Sweetmiss reviews Luna was not the only one Celestia had been forced to send away,the problem is that the second person But what if she succeeded.

How will one certain blonde Hellspawn manage in this world? Spawn Naruto in DC world, with other charachters from their respective worlds.

Curses of Interest by InsanityUnleashed reviews Laurel Potter made a mistake and poked something better left alone. A mad escape flung her into a far off reality, into the lap of Naruto Uzumaki Hokage-to-be.

Now in between deciphering the runework keeping her trapped, she has to train Naruto, avoid the ANBU trying to figure her out, and find a way to stamp out every source of sabotage aimed at her new charge.

Man and Machine by greyblueflames98 reviews "You put your faith in fairy tales, and your trust in the Maidens, but they are useless against the Grimm.

My Titan however, is the strongest, and will not lose. M for violence, lemons, and gore down the road. Poll over, Announcement taken down.

A Dark Obsession by Sabaku Ookami reviews Mikoto finds an eight year old Naruto hung from a tree by a rope, she saves him and finds out he tried committing suicide, and not just that time, but dozens of times and something triggers in her, making her obsessed with the blond boy.

Naruto, fading fast, is confronted by the Kyuubi and unlocks a latent power within him. But saving Sakura and finishing this Exam alive is only the first step Bow down to the Eiken King by Berathoralghoul reviews Naruto finds the ruins of a clan specializing in sexual genjutsu and decides to use it to his advantage.

No lemon warning but there is lemony goodness. Rise up Naruto Belserion by D-nasty reviews My clan was attacked, I lost my home, and I got separated from my mother, now I can only to one thing.

Watch as I rise up to bring honor back to my family while destroying those who stand in my way and gain the affection from women.

You do not mess with a dragon. Naruto son of the dragonborn by roguemage reviews What if Naruto had skipped over the shadow clone jutsu and attempted a jutsu without meeting all of the requirements, how would he cope, who would he meet?

There, Naruto discovers a species the Elemental Nations have never even heard of and bonds with a certain red eon! See what happens when she decides to go to the Elemental Nations with him and what surprises lay in wait for Naruto upon his return!

Sometimes, the world is filled with injustice. When he met a chipper boy named Naruto who had been attacked his entire life for things beyond his control, there was only one thing he could do.

Little did he know, this would change his world forever. But not just any rider will do, no it is the only female of the Four Horsemen that is sent.

How will the Eternal Conflict change? Why am i asking you these questions? This is my first lemon story so if you have any pointers I should use, be sure to review it.

Ninja Shinigami by Naomao reviews What if instead of going to the living world for their exile, Yoruichi decided to take Kisuke, Tessai and the Visoreds to the Shinobi world?

And what would happen if a certain blond haired ninja was taken in by them and trained in both the arts of shinobi and shinigami? Rated M cause language and basically everything aside from lemons, for now, they might happen.

Two cats and a kit by Crystalbullet reviews Naruto is Taken from the Village at a young age by two Mysterious figures on his birthday.

When naruto Returns he has one goal in mind and will do anything to accomplish this task. Rated M for Paranoid reasons. One-shot crossed with an unlisted manga, may turn into a full story.

M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: Watch as he grows and creates his own kingdom while aiding Konoha and using his new game skills to become an Overlord beyond all others before him!

Rated M for Lemons in later chapters and this will contain minor crossovers such as attacks and abilities. With no progress they are ordered to conduct the Dead Bone Pulse test, which is sure to kill him but something happens to Naruto.

An explosion rings out and Naruto is changed into something new, an Espada. In search of redemption, to redeem their bond.

In search of love, to find a place in the world. This is a story of power and untold bonds. Of love and lust. I own nothing but the idea, obviously.

They were related to the war like Kaguya clan which included their Kekkai Genkai. The two remaining survivors meet one another and there their fates are intertwined with each other.

Team Possible by Juubi no Shinju reviews Fighting bad guys? When balancing their fun activities with school work, Naruto and his two best friends have their hands full.

But they will push on, saving the world, eating ramen and burritos, and look good doing it. But when their life soon get even crazier, will they be able to handle it?

Letting the world do its thing without him interfering after he left it and his era of Shinobi. Now years later, from his dimension watching it again, and he dislikes what he sees.

Villains and heroes running amuck. Heroes unwilling to slay villains who kill innocents by the hundreds. He would show both sides justice Uzumaki style!

Summer Maelstorm by KitsuneRose16 reviews After taking an extended training trip, Naruto returns to Konoha with an unexpected surprise.

How will everyone take this new surprise and how will it affect future events and just how much did Naruto change in his time away. XXX 7 Banderlogs Alliance.

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